Landscaping in Orlando and Winter Park Florida can be challenging. The weather is constantly changing from droughts to torrential downpours and extreme heat to freezing temperatures. Most Florida plants cannot tolerate these various conditions. Grass Roots Lawn & Landscape has developed a list of plants, through its years of experience, that do well in these various Orlando area weather conditions. We pride ourselves in providing a worry free, low maintenance landscape design for years of enjoyment.

We enhance your Orlando and Winter Park landscape by checking the soil ph and selecting the right plants and grass for your yard. We evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your lawn irrigation system. We can install a French drain or Dry well to alleviate drainage issues. Adding a perfectly placed pergola, trellis, or tree can mitigate the negative impact of Florida’s sun on your Orlando landscape and keep you cool while enjoying your outdoor living space. We can design a custom fireplace or outdoor kitchen area to bring your parties outside and customize your Orlando and Winter Park landscape by adding a large boulder, rocks, decorative planters, potted plants, water features, ponds, hanging plants, lighting, fireplaces, fire pits, swings, and decks. We are a full service landscape and lawn maintenance company serving Orlando and Winter Park, Florida.

Grass Roots Lawn & Landscape also handles tree pruning and removal along with new construction. Landscape design is another area Grass Roots Lawn & Landscape specializes in. We offer landscaping services in the commercial and residential areas of Grading, Dirt Removal, Land Clearing, Irrigation systems and Landscaping.